Eating Disorders suck. There is no other way to put it. They suck you in, then suck the life out of you, turning you into a shell of a human being enslaved to the whims of ED. ED had a hold of me for over 13 years, but on January 9th, 2019 I chose to fight back. I discarded my former life and committed myself to treatment. Here you will find the voice ED has tried for so long to take away from me, immortalized in glorious digital print for all to read. Stand and struggle with me as we fight for our right to live, instead of just survive.


Start here! A list of recommended publications and references conducive to self-help, growth, and recovery.



Knowing yourself is hard. It’s even harder to know what you want and need. And without knowing those things, it is impossible to find happiness. How can one orient themselves towards a path that leads to eventual happiness when they don’t even know what matters to them or who they are?  I have struggled with […]

Pandemapocalypse 2020

There has been a lull on this blog for several months, ever since the start of the pandemic. I never thought that in these modern times I would write those words. It sounds like the beginning of a post-apocalyptic novel rather than a blog in the age of the 20th century. But that is the […]

an unpopular opinion

I debated for over a month whether or not to post this. But I committed to vulnerability when beginning this endeavor, and this is how I honestly felt at this time. I don’t want to hide my beliefs in shame simply because it may not jive with my readers, or may put me in a […]


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